BG Police Warn Businesses of Gift Card Scam

On 2-4-2014 the BG Police Division took a fraud report involving a local business. The business recieved a call from a person identifying themselves as Don Richardson from InComm. InComm is a business that processes gift and phone card transactions. “Don” asked that the clerk to activate a certain type of card for a system test. When the clerk stated they didn’t have that type of card “Don” said that his inventory list showed they should have 13 in stock. The clerk believed “Don” was legitimate because he acted as if he had an inventory listing. “Don” then had the clerk try 2 Verizon phone cards which she did have and she activated them. “Don” then hung up. The clerk called InComm suspecting that the call was a fraud and it was confirmed that it was.

Businesses should be wary of conducting business transactions over the phone without verifying name and call back information. If it is legiltimate then the person should have no problem with verification. Businesses should have procedures in place to limit opportunistic scammers and should train there employees in how to deal with suspiscious or out of the ordinary calls or customers.

Bowling Green Snow Emergency Canceled: 9 am on Wednesday, January 8

The snow emergency for the City of Bowling Green is canceled as of 9:00 am on Wednesday, January 8.

Crews continue to work throughout the City to remove snow.  Citizens can help this effort by moving parked cars from streets when possible.  This will allow for better clearing of the streets and improved safety. 


Swallow Your Pride – Call for a Ride

Safe Communities



Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:00 am

Bowling Green Police Department – Conference Room

175 W. Wooster St., Bowling Green OH 43402

On Monday, December 30, 2013 at 11:00 am, Wood County Safe Communities Coalition will hold a press event to announce the SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, CALL FOR A RIDE program.

SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, CALL FOR A RIDE is a collaborative effort of the Wood County Safe Communities Coalition, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Bowling Green Police Department, BGSU Police Department, BGSU Shuttle Services, AAA Northwest Ohio, and other partners who desire to provide safe alternative transportation to the residents of Wood County to lower the number of alcohol involved arrests, crashes and fatal crashes in our area. Thanks to the efforts of Wright Tire and Automotive, Shipley Automotive, BG Towing and Frank’s Automotive, free transportation will be available from 6:00 pm on 12-31-2013 to 6:00 am on 1-1-2014. Rides will be available from local establishments in Bowling Green to persons who reside within 10 miles of Bowling Green. Also available is Tipsy Tow sponsored by AAA Northwest Ohio. This program will provide a tow for your vehicle and a ride to your residence, also within 10 miles of the tow.


Lt. Jerrod Savidge, OSP Post 87


Bowling Green Police Warn of Shop With A Cop Scam

The Bowling Green Police Division recieved a report on 11/24/2013 of a telephone call recieved by a resident soliciting funds for “Shop with a Cop” The caller indicated he was John Miller of the BGPD. No such officer exists and the BGPD does not solicit funds by phone or for “Shop with a Cop.”  This scam has also been reported in other areas of Northwest Ohio. Citizens are reminded to never give out personal information to anyone they do not know and to be certain of the legitimacy of a charity before sending money.

Bowling Green Police Achieve 20 Years of Accreditation

The Bowling Green Police Division is proud to announce that the agency has been Re-Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Inc. at its November 16th conference.  Chief Brad Conner and Lieutenant Brad Biller travelled toWinston-Salem,North Carolina for the commission hearing and subsequent presentation.  

This award marks the 20th year that the agency has been accredited, first attaining accredited status in 1993.  The agency was the first inNorthwest Ohio and one of the first in the state to become accredited.  

CALEA Accreditation represents the agency’s commitment towards professional excellence.  Participation in the accreditation process provides the agency with guidelines and best practices, to ensure that the agency operates with the highest of professional standards.  

During the Review Hearing, Commissioner Ray Johnson commended the agency for its longstanding commitment to the CALEA process.  The Commissioner also complimented the agency for its efforts earlier this year to attract and hire minority applicants, working towards a more diverse work force.  

The CALEA Accreditation award is for three years and the agency will be required to maintain continuous compliance during the award period.  The men and women of the Bowling Green Police Division are very proud of this accomplishment and thank the community for the support that it provides to the agency.

BG Police Arrest One After Incident at VFW

At 11:43 AM Bowling Green Police recieved a 911 call indicating that the callers daughter was inside the VFW with her estranged husband and that he was acting in a threatening manner and she believed he had a gun on his person. Units responded and secured the area around the VFW while businesses were closed and Kenwood Elementary was informed of the incident. The suspect, identified as Matthew A. Smith of Custar, Ohio was called out and surrendered without incident. A search of his person did not turn up a firearm.   The Wood County SRT Team was called in to search the premises and they also found nothing inside the building. Smith is charged with one count of Aggravated Menacing. Traffic was blocked until just after 1:00 PM. No injuries occurred and the incident remains under investigation.

Bowling Green Police Alert Public to Scam

On 11-6-2013 the BG Police took a report of an attempted scam involving someone claiming to be a grandson in trouble and need of money. The scam has been perpetrated before and the scenario goes like this: A person calls the selected victim who is usually a senior citizen and purports to be their grandchild. They claim to have been arrested or are having car trouble and they need money to get out of the situation. They leave instructions on how to send the money and it usually involves a third party. Some of the scams have information about the grandchild or the victim that would lend credibility to the scam. It is possible that the information is gleaned through the use of social media.  In the most recent situation the victim did not follow through with sending money after becoming suspiscious. He made contact with the grandson in question who was fine and not in need of money.

You can protect yourself from this type of scam by verifying the identity of the caller, never sending money to anyone or an adress you don’t know and contacting the police immediately if you recieve a call of a similar nature.



City of BG Asks Citizens to Help Shine a Light On Crime

In the interest of safety and crime prevention, the Bowling Green Police Division and the Bowling Green Electric Division are asking the community to help us identify street lights that are in need of repair.  With the change from daylight savings time and with darkness coming earlier in the afternoon/evening, citizens may be more likely to notice that their street lights are not working.  If a resident notices a street light in need of repair we are asking that they note the numbers on the pole and report it.  On wooden poles, the numbers are visible on the yellow strip attached to the pole.  On steel poles, an address closest to the pole should be noted.  Once the poles have been reported, the Electric Division will typically have the light repaired within 2 weeks.

To report a street light needing repair a citizen should call 419-354-6260 (M-F) between the hours of 7a-3:30p.  Reporting outside of those hours should be done at 419-352-1131.  

This action on the part of our residents will help us better serve the community.

BG Police Take Report of Adult Approaching 2 Children on Way to School this Morning

At 10:20 Am the BGPD took a report from 2 Crim Elementary Students of a black male, with short hair, wearing  a black coat in his 30′s approaching them as they walked to school in the area of the numbered streets in BG around 8:00Am. According to the children the male walked up to them and asked them where they were going and what street they were on. He then commented how it was cold and asked if they wanted a ride. When they declined and walked away the subject did not follow them. There was no threats or attempts to make physical contact. If anyone has any information as to the identity of this person please contact the Bowling Green Police Division.

Lonnie Wells III Turns Self In to Wood County Justice Center

Lonnie Wells III has turned himself into the Wood County Sheriff’s Office this evening without incident. He was wanted for Domestic Violence, Attempted Felonious Assault and Intimidation of a Crime Victim following an incident in Bowling Green on Wednesday.