Bowling Green Police Officers Receive Meritorious Service Award

Officers Jessica McClure-Weis, Gordon Finger and Terry Davis have been awarded the Bowling Green Police Division Meritorious Service Award for their actions in providing lifesaving care to a person during an incident in January.

On January 29, 2013 officers were dispatched to 1034 Fairview Avenue for a possible drug overdose. When Officers Jessica McClure-Weis, Gordon Finger and Terry Davis arrived at the apartment they located a female who was lying on the floor unresponsive and not breathing.  Working together they took the necessary steps to provide the female with rescue breathing.  According to reports filed by the officers and the responding  Emergency Medical Technicians, it was determined that the officers efforts saved her life.

As part of this agency’s commendation process, this incident was referred for review to the Awards Review Board.   After careful examination of this incident the Awards Review Board has recommended that each officer receive the Meritorious Service Award.  The Meritorious Service Award is awarded for an act which results in the saving of a life, but which involves no personal danger to the employee(s) performing the act.  Those factors were displayed by each Officer in this incident.

Chief Brad Conner extends his thanks and congratulations to these officers for the dedicated service to the Bowling Green Community.