City of BG Asks Citizens to Help Shine a Light On Crime

In the interest of safety and crime prevention, the Bowling Green Police Division and the Bowling Green Electric Division are asking the community to help us identify street lights that are in need of repair.  With the change from daylight savings time and with darkness coming earlier in the afternoon/evening, citizens may be more likely to notice that their street lights are not working.  If a resident notices a street light in need of repair we are asking that they note the numbers on the pole and report it.  On wooden poles, the numbers are visible on the yellow strip attached to the pole.  On steel poles, an address closest to the pole should be noted.  Once the poles have been reported, the Electric Division will typically have the light repaired within 2 weeks.

To report a street light needing repair a citizen should call 419-354-6260 (M-F) between the hours of 7a-3:30p.  Reporting outside of those hours should be done at 419-352-1131.  

This action on the part of our residents will help us better serve the community.