Bowling Green Police Alert Public to Scam


On 11-6-2013 the BG Police took a report of an attempted scam involving someone claiming to be a grandson in trouble and need of money. The scam has been perpetrated before and the scenario goes like this: A person calls the selected victim who is usually a senior citizen and purports to be their grandchild. They claim to have been arrested or are having car trouble and they need money to get out of the situation. They leave instructions on how to send the money and it usually involves a third party. Some of the scams have information about the grandchild or the victim that would lend credibility to the scam. It is possible that the information is gleaned through the use of social media.  In the most recent situation the victim did not follow through with sending money after becoming suspiscious. He made contact with the grandson in question who was fine and not in need of money.

You can protect yourself from this type of scam by verifying the identity of the caller, never sending money to anyone or an adress you don’t know and contacting the police immediately if you recieve a call of a similar nature.