BG Police Warn Businesses of Billing Scam


On Monday 8-4-14 the Bowling Green Police was made aware of a billing scam involving at least 3 phone calls to local businesses in which the caller stated they were with First Energy. The scammer claimed that the businesses were past due for electric bills and that they were sending out a technician to disconnect the business unless the bills were immediately paid. The businesses are not First Energy customers and recognized the calls as a scam .  The numbers and names associated with the scam are as follows:

1-866-251-5398                 Eric Smalls

1-866-978-7766                 John Gordon

1-866-978-7766 ext 95    John Gordon

In calling the numbers back it was found that the scammers have changed tactics and now answer the phone as ” City of Bowling Green Disconnection.”

The City of Bowling Green Utilities Department does not rely exclusively on phone calls to warn of past due accounts and utilizes a more formal process of notification.

If your business receives a similar call do not provide them with any information. If you have a question about your business account  call the Bowling Green Utilities Office at 419-354-6258.