Bike Registration


Please refer to the following City Ordinances reference bicycle registration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Police Division. If you would like to read more on the bicycle licensing ordinances of the City of Bowling Green, visit Am Legal’s Website.


No person shall ride or use a bicycle or motorized bicycle on any public street in the city, unless such bicycle or motorized bicycle is licensed and registered as hereinafter provided.

(A) Every owner of a bicycle or motorized bicycle shall list and register with the police chief, his name and address, the name of the manufacturer of the bicycle or motorized bicycle, and its number, style, and general description.
(B) In the event the owner of a bicycle or motorized bicycle is under the age of 18 years, the parent, guardian, or person having the care of such person or with whom he lives shall make such listing and registration on behalf of such owner.

(A) The police chief shall provide license tags, together with registration cards, which tags and cards shall have numbers stamped thereon in numerical order. Such tags shall be suitable for attachment on the frame of bicycles or motorized bicycles. It shall be the duty of the police chief to issue to each owner one tag, which shall be attached by such owner to the frame of the bicycle, and a corresponding registration card, on payment of the license fee herein provided for. The tag shall remain attached to the bicycle or motorized bicycle for which it was issued during the existence of the license. The police chief shall also keep a record of the registration.
(B) The operator of a bicycle or motorized bicycle shall display his registration card, or produce satisfactory proof that he has such registration card, on the demand of any officer of the police department.


Bicycles can be registered in person at the Bowling Green Police Division. The cost for the license is $3.00. The following information will be needed to complete the registration in person:

  • Owner Name, Phone Number and Address
  • Bicycle Make, Serial Number, Color
  • Type of Bike (Boys or Girls)
You can begin the bicycle registration process with the form below.  A member of the Bowling Green Police Division will contact you when your license is ready to be picked up.

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