City Prosecutor

The City Prosecutor is responsible for prosecution of violations against City ordinance or any regulations adopted under the authority of the City of Bowling Green. For more information, contact the City Prosecutor's Office.

Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Fund

Through the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Fund, innocent victims of violent crimes (e.g. assault, domestic violence, etc.) may recover their economic losses suffered as a result of the crime. If you are a victim and would like more information, please visit the Ohio Attorney General website.

Temporary Protection Orders, Civil Protection Orders & Bond Conditions

A Temporary Protection Order (TPO) may be issued only in a case where a person has been charged with either a domestic violence or menacing by stalking. A TPO is issued by the municipal court at the request of the victim or on its own motion in all domestic violence cases and in those menacing by stalking cases where such is requested.

Civil Protection Orders

A Civil Protection Order (CPO) is issued by the domestic relations division of the Common Pleas Court, located at One Courthouse Square. Such an order can be issued when a person engages in a pattern of conduct that leads the victim or complainant to believe they are in danger.

The process for requesting a CPO requires that the victim file paperwork with the Common Pleas Court on the second floor at the Clerk of Courts office and then, on the same day, appear before a magistrate of the domestic relation's division to present their case. Typically, a statement from the victim claiming that he or she fears for their safety and that the person causing them such fear has engaged in a pattern of conduct to create such fear will result in the issuance of an order that is valid for seven days.

Within seven days a full hearing will be held where the alleged violator should be present. If the common pleas judge or magistrate believes that there is enough evidence a final civil protection order will be issued.

Bond Condition

A Bond Condition is another means of protecting a victim. In almost any other misdemeanor case where there is a threat of violence, damage to property, or some other physical violence a bond requirement will be put in place that requires that the defendant not come in contact with the victim, his place of residence, or his place of employment. These conditions are typically ordered if requested by the prosecutor.