Coworking Station

Bowling Green is committed to developing meaningful partnerships and community collaboration. In partnership with BiG Fab Lab, we offer a full-service workshop, office, and makerspace. 

BiG Fab Lab Woodshop
BiG Fab Lab Desks
BiG Fab Lab sign wooden cutout

BiG Fab Lab

The BiG Fab Lab is an open-access workshop/makerspace, serving the Bowling Green community and beyond, 24/7. The coworking space is an innovative concept where entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers can access a flexible and open collaborative community setting. Coworking gives up-and-coming designers, programmers, and innovators space where they can engage with other like-minded individuals to develop comprehensive business ideas and plans. 

Access to equipment, classes, private storage, studio, and open coworking space is available under multiple user options. 

Additional information can be found at:

Contact the BiG Fab Lab via email or call them at 419-971-4244.