Employee Early Warning

The division also takes a proactive approach toward the overall well-being of the employee. Policy January 4, 1952, Personnel Early Warning System provides "an early warning system for employees that may have trouble with personal or work-related issues and require an employee assistance program". The division "utilizes information received from several sources to review an employee's performance and to establish a personnel early warning system. Agency performance evaluations, review of citizen complaints, disciplinary actions, use of force incidents, internal affairs investigations, traffic accidents, workmen's compensation claims, and sick leave usage, are some of the elements that will all be considered in the personnel early warning system." 

Annual Evaluation

Bureau commanders complete a documented annual evaluation of this information and forward this report to the chief of police for review. "The purpose of the review is twofold: 1. To ensure that the process has sufficiently provided for the identification of potential problem employees [and] 2. That the remedial options available offer employees the opportunity to meet the organization's values and mission statement" (Policy January 4, 1952, Personnel Early Warning System).