Zoning Board of Appeals


  • 7 pm
  • 2nd Wednesday of every month


The Zoning Board of Appeals is composed of seven citizens, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. A quorum for the Board is four members. One member of the Planning Commission is designated to serve on the Board. All other members shall be appointed for overlapping terms of four-years. At least two members reside on the East side of Main Street and, conversely, at least two members reside on the West side of Main Street.


The Zoning Board of Appeals is the body which grants variances from Chapter 150, the zoning regulations. A variance is a deviation from the strict rules contained in Chapter 150. For example, if you desire to erect a five foot high fence where a four foot fence is allowed, a variance could be granted.

Requesting A Variance

An application to the Board consists of a letter of application, a scale drawing, and the $100 fee. The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month and the deadline for each meeting is 15 business days prior to the meeting (office closures due to holidays and weekends are not included).  A Variance Application (PDF) is available for your use. It is necessary that you, or someone representing you attend the hearing.

The 15 business day period is necessary to comply with the notice requirements specified in the Code of Ordinances. The City will notify all adjoining property owners, run a notice in the newspaper of general circulation, ask you to post a site notice, and other notices will be posted as required by law during this time period. During this time, the Board members will visit your site to review your request, so they will be familiar with your property at the time of your hearing.

At the meeting, you will be sworn in and, after the City explains why you need a variance, asked to explain your request. The Board will ask questions of you and there will be an opportunity for anyone who desires to comment on your request to have their say. At the conclusion of your hearing the Board will take a vote. A majority of the members present will determine if your request is granted or not. Appeal of the Board's decision is to the Common Pleas Court.