Property Section


The major areas of responsibility in property and evidence are tracking all property that comes into the division, keeping a fleet of 26 Division vehicles in working order, as well as tracking the maintenance records and invoices from the businesses that repair the vehicles. Occasionally the property officer is called upon to transport a prisoner for the Bowling Green Municipal Court or from other jurisdictions on warrants issued on behalf of the Police Division.

Evidence & Property Tracking

One of the most important responsibilities in the property room is the tracking of evidence/property from the time the article is submitted until its final disposition. On any given day there are about 5000 articles on property. Most items are classified as evidence (about 90%) and the rest as found property (about 10%).

Evidence is maintained until the conclusion of the case, if an arrest is made, or until the case is deemed unsolvable. Ohio's Statute dictates that found property is kept for at least 90 days if the legitimate owner has not claimed the property. After 90 days, if the property is not contraband, then the finder becomes the legitimate owner and the property must be released if he/she lays claim.


If the Bowling Green Police Division has a property of yours please make an appointment with the property officer. The property officer can be reached by phone at 419-352-2571 or 419-352-2572. However, the preferred method is to complete the contact form provided for the Property Personnel. The property officer's schedule varies to include daytime, afternoon, and early evening hours.