When is my trash / recycling day?

Generally, the City operates a 4 day, Monday through Thursday collection route. Please view the Four Day Collection Ward Map (PDF) for your assigned day, and visit the Schedule and Holidays page to learn how holidays impact the schedule.

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1. Why wasn't my refuse and/or recycling container collected?
2. The wind blew over my container(s) and my refuse / recycling was not picked up. What do I do?
3. What if no one from my household can transport containers to / from the curb?
4. What if my container is missing?
5. Can I get another container?
6. What items are accepted in the curbside recycling container?
7. When is my trash / recycling day?
8. Are there items that are prohibited?
9. Does the City offer special collections?
10. Where can I find the Public Works schedule for special curbside collections, etc.?
11. What items are allowed for large item pickup?
12. Where can I dispose of my brush?
13. What should I do if my refuse or recycling container lid is broken?